Brian Bolero - Brian grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and for three years lived and breathed the rap music that the city is famous for. The Atlanta music scene provided him with a love for electro combined with the urban elements of hip hop that are present in every piece of music he touches.

Star Spinners - Only the lawyers know exactly who Star Spinners is or are. What we do know is that the work produced by Star Spinners is pure American Dance Music - a pop style designed for radios and headsets not clubs.

Nicolo Alberti - Nicolo began studing the violin at the age of nine, with public performances of classical pieces by the time he was thirteen. While studying physics at Northwestern University in Chicago, he discovered electronic music. His pieces show the mixture of modern electronic dance music and serious classical elements.

LD50 - LD50 is hard style at its best. LD50 trys to fulfill the needs of this audience with a strong, fast and dark beat that can never be forgotten or ignored.

Joseph Sadar - While studying music at University, Joseph Sadar became inspired by the unique sounds of West African and South American Incan music. His music can best be described as "World Music" at its finest.

Heliosphere - Though he mostly follows uplifting trance, this particular song is almost clasical old school trance. While we had asked for an uplifting trance piece, this is what he sent, with a comment on where we could put it!

Vortek - Vortek, known to us by his real name of Victor Ortega, Victor became a total club freak after a summer in Ibiza frequenting Space, Priviledge and the other haunts of the island that every electronica devotee should visit. His music now combines elements of house, tribal and tech trance.

Amir del Sol - Amir is mostly a beach bum. He spends his days at the beach and his evenings at Mirablau feasting on the sunset and sangria. While he loves everything aquatic, he does occasionally take the flight from Barcelona to Ibiza to see what the "night" version of music is like. His natural tendencies are toward chill but we insisted on a piece that is truly dance.

Electroshock - Electroshock is the production name for Lawrence Haras. A resident of New york (well actually Westchester County - something good does occassionally come from Westchester County), his music is almost always progressive house and while he never takes his music very seriously, he seems to pride himself on sticking to that genre. We're very glad he does.

The Arctic Records label is committed to finding the best of the new dance and electronic artists and present new and exciting productions that meet the needs of both American and European audiences.